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We Need Partners Like You!

Partnership opportunities with local health professionals, advocacy organizations, businesses, and other non-profits, will enhance access to community resources for current patients and future referred patients.

Each partner is vital in the planning and implementation of this clinic. Together, we can increase access to care, encourage utilize of resources, and begin the steps towards positive behavior change.

We value your agency’s expertise and look forward to strengthening our connections within Topeka and the surrounding area.


Nearly all (98%) of our patients live at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. More than half (54%) are uninsured with limited means to pay for dental care.

We intend to serve, even if the patient cannot pay. Diabetic patients can apply for “special funds” (up to $2,000) to help pay for their dental care. We offer discounted fees for services.


We could always utilize volunteers – nursing, administrative, professional volunteers (all kinds).

Nurses provide a brief health assessment and help with referrals to medical care as needed. They add a critical layer of quality to our dental care when serving patients with a chronic illness.


We always benefit from fundraisers to help with our sustainability. 

As a non-profit, we operate a fairly lean operation to ensure we can serve more people. That being said, we have limited administrative staff to support the development portion of the clinic.

The more extra funds we have, the more we can serve those unable to pay.


Board Members – our clinic’s Board of Directors is currently seeking 3 candidates for our Board. We have 3 open positions as of November 2019. We are seeking diversity and various expertise. If anyone is interested, they can contact me.


It is essential that our clinic partner with other organizations. The more we partner, the better care we can give. We are here to do the hard work of serving others and we do it with a smile. Any partnerships that you think may be beneficial for our clinic, please let us know. We are better together!


Tell your friends, neighbors, and colleague about the importance of good oral health. Your mouth is the gateway to your body and can tell us a story!