Elevated Care Project

At Marian Clinic, we are dedicated to helping the whole family enjoy the benefits of good oral health. Dental healthcare plays a key role in overall health and our goal is to provide affordable dental care for those who have nowhere else to turn.

Access to

Increase access to healthcare by expanding the number of operatories in the dental clinic. This transformation will increase capacity, broaden the clinic’s safety-net, and lead to improved clinic sustainability. We anticipate serving 44% more patients in 5 years.


Redesigned clinic spaces will transform our care delivery making it a one-of-a-kind patient experience. With plans to improve ventilation and add negative air flow, the refreshed clinic spaces will enhance patient and provider comfort.


When oral health and nursing work together we see improved health outcomes overall.

Growing our space will grow our capacity to accommodate all the people who need our integrated and compassionate services.

Community Engagement

With a shared goal of improving the health of our community, we will create a new space to serve community partners and host patient educational sessions. We will partner with additional organizations to increase access to care.

Healthy Work Environment

We take seriously our responsibility to support our associates health and wellbeing.

Our newly designed spaces will have ergonomic, functional, and peaceful work and break areas.