April 2019- Mission Update

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April 2019- Mission Update

Marian Dental Clinic participated in Emerald City Cosmos Diabetes Health Fair

The Marian Clinic participated in the first annual Emerald City Cosmos Diabetes Health Fair on April 13th. This event was a free community-wide event seeking to enhance strength through action, empowerment through education, and support through community for all who are impacted by diabetes. Krista and Tashaira represented the clinic at the event and offered the following oral health resources to 65 individuals who visited our booth.

  • Healthy snacks for diabetics that are also healthy for your teeth
  • Xylitol gum samples that won’t raise your blood glucose
  • Toothbrush kits encouraging brushing and flossing at least twice/daily avoid oral infection.
  • Three individuals won a free dental checkup and cleaning at our office
  • Reduce the risk of gum disease by visiting your dentist at least twice/year
  • Maintain healthy blood sugars to avoid infection following extractions
  • Work with your healthcare team to obtain an optimal A1C; which includes your primary care, endocrinologist, dietitian, and dentist.
  • Review of risk factors and symptoms of oral manifestations due to uncontrolled diabetes

Our dental team remains engaged and dedicated to providing the highest quality care. All team members participated in “diabetic glucometer” training provided by Barb Sollner, RN, MSN, BSN from Baker University School of Nursing. As a part of the clinic’s effort to provide holistic care, the dental team will now provide patient’s with complimentary glucose testing chair-side when our nursing volunteers are not readily available.

Glucometer and A1C assessment tools help the dentist determine the appropriate course of treatment. Hypo/Hyper glycemic individuals create an increased risk of a medical emergency while being treated in the clinic, increased risk for oral infections and gum disease, and reduced/slowed post-surgical healing. The Marian Dental team is very in-tune to diabetes and is well-equipped to accommodate treatment based on each individual’s needs.

In April, the clinic served 529 individuals with $149,019 in dental procedures and basic nursing services.


Nursing Services Provided at the Dental Clinic (January 1 – April 30, 2019)

  • 171 Nurse Visits 48 A1C NOW tests – chairside “5 minute result”
  • 51 Glucose tests – chairside
  • 17 Direct Referrals for Social Services
  • 5 Pre-Diabetic Intervention Referrals
  • 2 Uncontrolled Diabetic Referrals
  • 159 Dentist consults with Medical Providers

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